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Issue 8

I S S U E   10


Some animals brave the winter by going to sleep. Bears and snakes and hedgehogs tuck themselves in between dried leaves and warm soil and dream until the snow melts so they can emerge, well rested, and hunt and feed once again.


Unfortunately, us humans don't have the option to hibernate while the storm rages outside. As tempting as it is to crawl under the covers and play dead when times are hard, we all learn sooner or later that the only way Out, is Through. The best and worst thing about life, after all, is that it goes on.


This issue celebrates resilience, which is basically stubbornness all grown up. Humans brave the winter by getting inventive, building thicker skin -- and taking a nap, when needed. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is keep going.


Nevertheless, we persist. 

Issue 8

I S S U E   9


For some people, September marks the beginning of a new year more than January. For students, teachers, and parents, now is the time for resolutions. 


But, come to think of it, we all go back to school every fall. Our summertime carelessness transforms into careful planning. We adjust our expectations, grit our teeth and wish for the best - and for more sleep. Does life imitate school or is it the other way around?


You live and you learn, the old saying goes. But in our troubled times, with knowledge, truth, and revolutionary ideas becoming more important than ever, perhaps we need to wonder if we should un-learn some things; if solving the equation means erasing an entire blackboard's worth of calculations.

In this issue, we examine  education.

As with everything, though, we try to flip it on its head and see what's underneath.


Come with us.

Issue 8

I S S U E   8


After a few autumnal breaks, it is finally summer and there seems to be bare skin everywhere you look. We had almost forgotten that there were elbows, necks and calves under the puffy jackets and scarves and cardigans and boots.

It is a peculiar thing, the body. "Flesh and blood" we say, meaning something real, but it is so brittle, so vulnerable to matters of identity and autonomy that it makes us wonder, sometimes, if we truly possess it at all.

Yet our body may as well be our only true possession. Whether we perceive it as a tool or a faulty machine, as a home or a prison, one thing is for sure; it stays with us until we die.


This summer, join us in our musings on mind and matter. It's hard to reconcile them, but try we shall.


Be healthy, this summer, in body and soul.

I S S U E   7


March is here! And he's brought us longer days, milder nights, brighter skies. A last couple of rainstorms and freezing mornings are only March's pranks. And at the threshold of a new season, Fliqped returns with dreams as this issue's theme.


Dreamers get a bad rep; we tend to picture them as distracted beings, floating above the ground, occupied with abstract concepts, more concerned with what's happening in their own mind than with what's happening in the world. But dreams are not always abstract. Sometimes, they are more practical than you think. There is no goal achieved, no great invention, no breakthrough and no revolution that did not begin in a dream. Dreams become tangible if we only let them.


So, let us take you along on a whimsical and thoughtful journey. Let's pick anemones together, this spring.

Summer is only a dream away.

I S S U E   6


Winter is an introvert.

She hurries home with cheeks reddened and breath steaming in the cold. She bundles up in big scarves and knit hats. She warms her hands around a hot mug of coffee sitting in a small, cheap coffee shop she frequents, when she wants to write or draw in peaceful ambiance. She wears her pajamas early and catches up on her favorite shows.
Winter knows that mapping out oneself is a lifelong process, and treasures are hidden along the way, waiting to be discovered.

Winter tells stories.


So, this winter, gather around and let us tell you some of our own.

I S S U E   5


Fall is truly a time of rebirth. The trees shed their leaves to brave the oncoming winter and grow new outfits later. The cooling breezes return, to our great relief. It is a time of introspection, homecoming - whatever this may mean for each of us- and self discovery.

The turn of the seasons is a Kind of Magic that doesn't require a wand and with that in mind, Fliqped's new issue is dedicated to magic of all kinds!


Fliqped is back with its 5th issue. 
Discover the magic!

I S S U E   4


Summer in Greece is typically associated with endless golden beaches, blue waters and late, colorful sunset.

But for some of us, held back by obligations or work or money, there is often no escape from the boiling sea of concrete.

And sometimes, that's not so bad .


This issue is dedicated to all our summers in the city, all the nights spent in open-air cinemas downtown, all the cold beers we have had on a friend's rooftop, all the electric fans we have mourned and all the times we have gone out in flip flops and pyjamas to get ice cream from the shop around the corner. The heat may be oppressive but for the city-summer-tribe, an oasis can be found anywhere. 


There is a strange, quiet magic that settles in the empty streets once the crowds have gone on vacation.

And we are here to claim it.

I S S U E   3


Nature has her own pace, and changes it for no one.


That's not to say that nature isn't excitable too, filling trees with blossoms way too early and ending winters with a blast, with sudden snow that catches everyone unprepared. Nature does as she pleases.


This issue is designed to 'bloom' as you flip

through it - whether you decide to sit back and savor every page or speed-read it on your break - to remind you that, like Mother Nature, we all bloom at our own pace. 


A flower's petals are just as beautiful, no matter how quickly or slowly they unfold.


So, take your time.

I S S U E   2


It is said that every great journey begins with a single step.


We would argue that a journey doesn't really begin until the second step. It is far more important than the first. The first step shows courage and ambition. The second step shows you mean it, it determines your direction and makes it all real. 


Fliqped returns this month, slightly changed. You might find this issue a bit darker and more daring in speech, its themes more contemplative and whimsical. Perhaps it's our winter mood. Perhaps it's just the editors getting comfortable.

I S S U E   1


There is something about new creative endeavours that greatly resembles the welcoming of a child into the world.

There is excitement, and uncertainty, and devotion, and plenty of mistakes to learn from.

There is a lot of hard work, as well.


We, the team behind this new magazine, worked very hard to bring it to you.

To us, it is an outlet, an experiment, a way to fight against the melancholy of our times.

To you, hopefully it will be a way to connect with others and with yourself, a place where you find inspiration, words and images that speak to you. Hopefully, you will stick around to watch this project grow.


Because it will.


Trust me, I'm from the future.