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Issue 8

I S S U E   9


For some people, September marks the beginning of a new year more than January. For students, teachers, and parents, now is the time for resolutions. 


But, come to think of it, we all go back to school every fall. Our summertime carelessness transforms into careful planning. We adjust our expectations, grit our teeth and wish for the best - and for more sleep. Does life imitate school or is it the other way around?


You live and you learn, the old saying goes. But in our troubled times, with knowledge, truth, and revolutionary ideas becoming more important than ever, perhaps we need to wonder if we should un-learn some things; if solving the equation means erasing an entire blackboard's worth of calculations.

In this issue, we examine  education.

As with everything, though, we try to flip it on its head and see what's underneath.


Come with us.