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Issue 8

I S S U E   8


After a few autumnal breaks, it is finally summer and there seems to be bare skin everywhere you look. We had almost forgotten that there were elbows, necks and calves under the puffy jackets and scarves and cardigans and boots.

It is a peculiar thing, the body. "Flesh and blood" we say, meaning something real, but it is so brittle, so vulnerable to matters of identity and autonomy that it makes us wonder, sometimes, if we truly possess it at all.

Yet our body may as well be our only true possession. Whether we perceive it as a tool or a faulty machine, as a home or a prison, one thing is for sure; it stays with us until we die.


This summer, join us in our musings on mind and matter. It's hard to reconcile them, but try we shall.


Be healthy, this summer, in body and soul.