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I S S U E   7


March is here! And he's brought us longer days, milder nights, brighter skies. A last couple of rainstorms and freezing mornings are only March's pranks. And at the threshold of a new season, Fliqped returns with dreams as this issue's theme.


Dreamers get a bad rep; we tend to picture them as distracted beings, floating above the ground, occupied with abstract concepts, more concerned with what's happening in their own mind than with what's happening in the world. But dreams are not always abstract. Sometimes, they are more practical than you think. There is no goal achieved, no great invention, no breakthrough and no revolution that did not begin in a dream. Dreams become tangible if we only let them.


So, let us take you along on a whimsical and thoughtful journey. Let's pick anemones together, this spring.

Summer is only a dream away.