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I S S U E   11



Did you know that colors don't exist?

It's not just that you can't see them, in the dark. They are not there. For them to exist at all, there needs to be light. Magical, isn't it? And maybe a bit sad, too.

Isn't life itself a dance between colors? "Yes!" Green exclaims. "No way,", scowls Red. Yellow dances around in joy, and greets sorrowful Blue like a friend, despite their differences. Some of us live in monochrome, like the world in an old film. But still, even when everything is painted in shades of grey, you need the highlights to make a full picture. 

You need light. Just a tiny bit. A dusty, hesitant sunbeam that reaches in through heavy drapes. That's all it takes. You need to invite it in.

This issue is our attempt to flick the switch that makes the world real. Enjoy the kaleidoscope around you. Beautiful patterns can be made out of the simplest, smallest things.

Issue 8