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NOMAS magazine is a biannual edition for the wanderers of this world.

Walking the city streets or roaming the country side, NOMAS gazes at people and places with the curiosity, the joy and the longing of a Nomad, the desire to belong, even for a while, to another culture.

NOMAS explores a different destination in every issue. The magazine’s editors and photographers dive into local life: Art, fashion, food culture, famous and everyday people, everything that makes a place unique in an ever-changing world.

ΝΟΜΑS is the Greek word for nomad.
The magazine is printed on uncoated, 120gr Munken Polar paper.
Because print matters.
NOMAS is available at carefully selected outlets and bookstores.

Become an urban nomad and travel with NOMAS around the world.

Fliqped was born by two equally creative friends, and a bunch of talented people, in 2015.

We are an independent online magazine, that comes out quarterly (that means four times a year), in both English and Greek versions for you to choose 
which one you want to read. They are identical in content and style! 


We are based in Athens, Greece but our staff is active and / or based internationally too.

Our focus is on enjoying life and taking things slow. The Slow Living movement speaks to us, so we are a Slow Journalism magazine.

This means we take our time, to create quality articles that you can enjoy, while you take your time reading them.

If you enjoy good photography, personal articles and off beat moods, then give us a read.

Life | Arts | Photography | Travel | Storytelling